Skydiving isn’t daring. Taking up the challenge to live up to your full potential is daring. It’s truly daring because we must confront all our spoken and unspoken fears each leg of the journey.

So if you are prepared for such a daring adventure, you must ensure love is at the heart of every decision and every action, because it is love and love alone that drives out all fear. And fear is the only obstacle that will taunt you to give up, shrink back, and live small.

Lucky for us love is in huge supply. Love is in every DNA, it holds all good things together, it is the very essence of creation.

Love is the building blocks to your full potential. Fear is loud, but love is power.Dare to Live

Live daringly. Love outrageously. Love yourself. Love your potential. Love your creativity. Love your friends and family. Love your colleagues. Love strangers. Love nature. Love your body.

Love it all. Anywhere you can, whatever you do, stir up love. It is the source of all power that lasts.

Go on, dare greatly, accept the challenge to overcome your fears and live up to your full potential. You can do it, and know this: All that is divine is on your side and cheering you onwards. – Mick Mooney