Some say, I’m waiting for inspiration. Others say, I’m going to be an inspiration.

Some refuse to love because it’s risky, others love because no matter the risks, it’s worth it.

How are you going to live? What perspective will you take? What seeds within you will you nurture?

If you ask me, I’d say be enthusiastic about life because it is miraculous even in the chaos. Be filled with imagination, creativity, and hope, because they’re the closest parts of you that reflect the One who made you.

Embrace life with wild abandonment, and be unrealistic in your optimism. Go overboard in your enthusiasm. Be ridiculous in your expectations that love and meaningful community can make every crooked path straight, and every broken and lost heart whole.

Go on, be the kind of people some roll their eyes at, and others wish they could have whatever it is you have.

Showcase to the world the kind of seeds you’ve nurtured deep in the soil of your soul. Let the world witness that those seeds—that lay dormant in everyone’s soul—when watered, cared for and nurtured over time can grow, and do grow, and let your life reflect that.

Let the world see what the seeds of love, of faith, and hope look like fully grown. Don’t wait for inspiration. Be bold enough, brave enough, to be an inspiration. Life is short. Let your light shine. – Mick Mooney