I have been trying to figure out how to say this thing…rolling around in my heart…for a long time now so here goes. God has grace that is so endless that it quits being grace and is just love. Grace is loving someone inspite of problems, love is just love — loving someone for who they are. Mercy is deciding not to punish, grace is deciding not to accuse, love is not seeing anything to accuse. God is love.

I think grace is our way of seeing how God relates to us, but from His side, I think it is just love. Love is much much more pure. I have seen lots of Christian movements, including the “grace movement”, but all my life I have been waiting for the love movement. Now that I realize what love is, (at least I hope I am beginning to), and the huge gulf between grace and love, I don’t think I will ever see a “love movement”. I am not sure we are capable of it. Grace is very nice but still has her underwear on too tight. And that is why the “grace movement” is now preaching hell. Anyway, I am not sure I’ve put my finger on it yet. – Wendy Francisco