I Know This Second Year Was A Bit Rough
And Petty Things Of Life Made It A Bit Tough
Day To Day Activities Of The Fight For Love
Plagued With Emotional Boxing Matches With No Glove

I Don’t Believe You Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
But I Know Without You Some Great Things Would Not Have Come To Be
Thank You Dear For The Love Whose Cost Is Free
And For The Growing Understanding Of Our Life And Being

When Reynolds Came On The 22nd Of This Year’s 1st Month
He Clearly Revealed Your Capacity For Character And Strength
Your Innate Potential As A Mother And A Builder Of “Tents”
And The Power Of Your Purpose For Great Achievements

Be Blessed Thou Preferred Among All Women
Be Crowned With Honor The Queen Of My Harem.
As We Build This Kingdom Of Kings And Queens
Who Are Placed Among Gods And Not Ordinary Men.

Still Counting The Beautiful Moments…………………..

Happy Second Year Wedding Anniversary Dear…..Love You Much!