How Legalism Stunts Our Spiritual Growth

Jesus Without Baggage

When I was young I read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It took place during the Jewish holocaust in Europe, and the Ten Boom family (who were Christians) protected Jews from the Germans by building a secret compartment in their home where Jews could hide when Germans came around.

I was so glad I was not in that situation because, though I felt sorry for the Jews, I might easily have betrayed them. I imagined a scenario where my family provided such a hiding place for Jews. One day the Germans come and ask me the question: “Are any Jews in this house?” There was only one answer I could give, “They are behind that false wall.”

Why on earth would I tell them that!? I would do it because of legalism; it is wrong to lie, and I would not tell a lie under any circumstances. If…

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