Hey Girl! these are the few thoughts flowing through my Mind Since few days ago…and my Analytical Mind have all of them segmented thus in summary:


365 Days We’ve Spent Together “Officially”

In them 8,765.81 were meant to be Hourly

And accumulated 525,949 Minutes Totally

Even though 31,556,926 Seconds were in all These

I Am Grateful more for Numerous “NOW” and Moments!


The Lovely Feelings that we Treasured and Shared

The Amazing Arguments that also Bust and Flared

The Hugs and Kisses That Our Soul Had

Makes the MOMENTS more Important than the Year!


You added to Us Quality Friends and Families

You made sure Smiles and Joy are Surplus and Holy

The Quality Cuisines and Abundance of Prosperity

Helps Us Live Each Day Out in the NOW!


This Segment I can only Express Through the Timeless Pen and Words of T.S Eliot:

If Time and Space, as sages say,
Are things which cannot be,
The sun which does not feel decay
No greater is than we.
So why, Love, should we ever pray
To live a century?
The butterfly that lives a day
Has lived eternity.

The flowers I gave thee when the dew
Was trembling on the vine,
Were withered ere the wild bee flew
To suck the eglantine,
So let us haste to pluck anew
Nor mourn to see them pine,
And though our days of love be few
Yet let them be divine.

Divine Love Isn’t about Being Perfect My Dear, Its all about Being Real and Truthful even as Flawed, and that’s what you have ALWAYS Being My Friend.

As we chose to spend our Lives Together and as we plan for the grandiose future that He Has for Us, Always Remember what I always say:

The Most Important Life We will Ever Have is always in the Moments – THE LOVELY “NOW!”

I Knew I Love You Before I Met You…….