In my real world, cheaters do sometimes win, the early bird doesn’t always get the worm, and doing unto others as you wish others would do unto you doesn’t always get you what you want, need or deserve. It makes for a good story, and its how we all wish the world were, but it is not the world I live in, and I’m telling you it’s not the world you live in.

Be Very Afraid! If someone is trying to get you to buy into their agenda, they can advance their cause and gain more access and information, all just by “loving you up!” They will flatter you, laugh at your jokes, agree with your positions, support your efforts, and on and on, right up until they strike. If all you are ever hearing is what you want to hear, be afraid.

On Playing Big! In this day and time, its simply not enough to keep your head down, work hard, put in your time and expect a reward at the end, because that “end” may never arrive. Playing big is dramatically different from playing long, because plodders, even reliable and competent ones, seldom win big.

From the Book LIFE CODE by Dr. Phil McGraw.

Get the book friends. You will definitely learn one or two things about how life works realistically.