You cannot manage other people until you can manage yourself and you cannot organize an organization until you organize your own life.

Let me share a few tips on how you can develop more capacity as your vision begins to materialize.

· You need to take in heavy things that will stretch your mind. Some information may at first look strange to you until you read or listen the second and third time. However, you must read books that are written by world class organizational leaders. Develop your capacity to manage and lead because it is very important.

· Be a finisher. Be someone who has a reputation for finishing anything you start. Be a result oriented person.


Perform at a high level of excellence. If you will be a skillful person, you have to set high standards for yourself. Be someone who does not accept mediocrity. Do not settle for less. Be someone who wants to get the best all times.

I assumed before that the most important factor in pastoring was being able to preach and teach. Well, that is the most important factor but unfortunately that is not the only important factor. There are other critical factors.

I discovered that I was weak in management and leadership and I began to develop myself in those areas. Today, I oversee over a thousand leaders in our congregation, and I still have a long way to go.

I see you succeeding in all areas of your life. I see your vision coming to pass.

By: Sam Adeyemi