My Baby

How adorable you are Oh! Gracious among Women

How  lovable you are my angel and my Friend

The precious Jewel of all ages, timeless without a Change

How Blessed I am to feature in this Divine Plan

The flowers behold your beauty with full and lovely Affection

The sun shines on your supple skin with full concentrated Attention

Even the Morning Dew rushes to produce its own refreshing Portion

I wonder how you are able to hold them in high Admiration

You are distinctly gracious receiving all my full Appreciation

Beautifully efficacious receiving all my Approbation

Nature can’t fathom your gorgeous Apparition

Nor can it get it into its Keen Apperception

My Sweet

Your Nightingale Voice always lifts my heart from Depression

Your Godly advice and Attributes saves me from Temptation

How I managed to be blessed into this Intimation

Is a favor and grace that I will leave as a Question

Oh How Romantic it is to walk with a queen in Procession

Oh I mean with a pretty princess possessing great Perception

The Diamond pendant she wore and her neck are having Lovely Conversation

About how blessed a man I am to have you in my Flowery Garden

The Love I have for you can’t be locked up in Suppression

That’s why it’s looking earnestly for every way of Expression

My heart and soul is the Eternal love’s Location

It has the capacity to endure in full Apprehension

My Girl

To walk together hand in hand in this Romantic Excursion

To joyfully rejoice in lovely Uninhibited Exhilaration

To beautifully adore one another with great Observation

Is the aim and objectives of this great Expedition

Let’s keep our dreams alive in this world and till the End

Let’s guard our hopes and visions jealously to have Eternal Dividend

That we might be together forever even in Eternal Extension

My Lady, My Baby and My Lover; How Blessed I am to make this Decision.


Happy Birthday Sweetheart, I Love You Much!!!