I think its a good and comforting thing, to work a routine – a daily routine – nevertheless the danger I suppose with routine is that life can become subliminally dull and complacent. i believe by constant renewal of our lives, in every aspect that it comes, we tend to bring a new sense of vigor, vitality and exuberant freshness.

One of the most beautiful way to renew our lives daily is to see life as an agricultural setup, like a garden for example. Then we will be reminded on a constant basis to plant new seeds (different seeds), to nourish and tend them as they grow in silence. This will ensure freshness, a deep connection and sense of awe, which in turn will monitor our lives to not become clogged with weeds.

We must learn to reawaken, to keep ourselves awake… Everyman is tasked to make his life, even in its details, worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and most critical hour. – HENRY DAVID THOREAU

In a garden, we know what to do to renew the soil and tend the plants, but we often forget to apply the same principles to our daily lives. In our lives we need to focus on living wholeheartedly in a way that transcends monotony and metamorphose it into enduring energy, vitality and colorful creativity.

I believe that in this way our lives can be constantly transformed and we will emit freshness as we live constantly awake and perpetually awakening.