You taste much like a Mouthful Strawberry

Like a Light Champagne on a Day of Much Merry

With the Hue of your skin, I’ll Love to call you Cherry

‘Till I Discover recently that your Name is called Sherry

Mountains, Seas, Valleys, Hills and Lands – Every

Bears me Earthly witness, it’s you am going to “Marry”

Forces of Life, Oppositions and Fire so Fiery

May Barricade and Set Huddles, yet they can’t Stop Me

Embrace Me, Kiss Me, Don’t Let Things Go Awry

Let the Eclipse of the Sun and Moon serves as our Augury

From Ethereal point of View, you’re out of Ordinary

Your shape and curvature makes your Beauty a Mystery

Never should you take these as an Act from a Chicanery

But a Love Note to my Delightsome Wine, My Pleasantry.