growth quote

Good Day All.

Let’s Pray…

Father, Lord, good day. As we seek your face for wisdom today, I pray that your presence abide with us. Amen.

I will be sharing what the Holy Spirit is teaching me about Growth and its maintenance:

1. Sometimes we preach to others what we ought to preach to ourselves. Growth is first Internal.

2. The Externality of Growth is effective when its Internality is given priority.

3. The main reason why efforts to growth aren’t effective in us often is because of subtle and sublime insincerity.

4. Insincerity in not being pragmatic and holistic in our approach towards growth. We tend to quit Mentally.

5. When our mind quits, our actions produce epileptic results. Say to your mind often: DO NOT QUIT!

6. Mental Quitting is more dangerous in the sense that people struggling with this often Trade Blames to justify Inaction.

7. What you don’t do won’t be done. Until you learn to be your own truthful critic, others will seem an enemy.

8. God has graced you with the Spirit of Effectiveness. You have no excuse but to grow.

9. Praying for more faith is Praying amiss. God has given all a measure of faith. Use it and it grows. Faith Grows by Usage.

10. But when you doubt your latent faith, your innate ability to make things work, you make it ineffective.


11. Believe in your ability to Change and quit the Negative pep talk of dishonor. Honor your Grace, gifting and calling.

12. We owe it to our self to create the atmosphere that will facilitate what God have spoken over you.

13. Everything you need for Life and Godliness in right inside of you. Take the Limit off.

14. When you give in to the fear of change, you successfully paralyze your Next Level.

15. There is NOTHING wrong with God, therefore BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST there is NOTHING wrong with you. I DECREE…Live!!!

16. Mental assent of the Blessing of God over your life isn’t enough; you must be “obsessed” with Its Reality.

17. Create an atmosphere where it’s conducive for the gift of God within you to be nurtured to productivity. The “scent” of your association rubs off on you. You become what or who you consistently associate yourself with.

18. Let no one in the name of religious piety (which is often falsified grandioseness) place a limit on Charisma.

19. There is an immense energy associated with Growth. You cannot grow without Enthusiastic passion. Are you passionate about your aspirations?


20. Maintain the place of your breakthrough and you will learn to repeat it effortlessly.

21. You are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved. Go out always and REIGN IN GRACE!!!