The situations we often find ourselves in this beautiful assembly of light tend to put us under the spotlight of self-scrutiny. Why is this? How is that? When will it? What have you? Where will they? 

These are Heart Probing Questions leading to Mind Boggling Reflections.

The ability to live is viewed within the stable of the will to achieve. Self-comparison with ambiguous standards robs us of the joy of living and the sublime instructions of experience.

In this achievement-prone environment, where “medals” are celebrated more than even the person that won them (chuckles) and the efforts or processes that led to the glory are relegated to the backstage of accolades. People then decide to settle for opinions rather than principles, results rather than processes. Not grasping that the power of real living lies within the Principles and Processes that holds us together.

I know that you can do everything right and still lose or even do everything wrong and still win (I am a Living witness to both), nevertheless, i think outcomes isn’t as important as the actions that led you there.

Some people are Textbooks that we refer to or gather information from to make deductions and decisions in life. They are designed (or they designed themselves by much study and awareness) to be reference points, encyclopedias of living, practical wisdom and deep “formulas” or principles of “breathing” while others are Notepads/Notebooks where you jot anecdotes, some details, drizzles of wisdom etc. You work out your process of achievements in them and you refer to them time to time in other to get pointers and beacons of Graces.

Textbooks might be larger, fine printed and all beaming with colorful beauty, while Notepads/Notebooks are plain and basic, nevertheless to achieve practical balance, the Providential God that made one, understandably weaves the other.

Knowing and appreciating who you are, is not in desiring to be like others, but it’s in living out what you love (mistakes and all).

It’s by Living out what you love in absolute freedom that you will Love the way you live without any regrets. – Michael Ojuola

Embrace your person (Textbook or Notebook) knowing well that you will Never know You until you have fully permit yourself , unconditionally accept and Love who your Inside Man is telling you that you are in God and in relation to purpose in Humanity. How can others know who you are and what you are capable of truly achieving when you haven’t even started Living?

Are you a Textbook or a Notebook? Go Ahead and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

The Making of a Textbook is founded upon the Treasures highlighted in a Notebook. – Michael Ojuola