Living Years

A Noted Time in History was when she first cried

Penned down by providence were her first tears

Celebrated was the gift of walking when she first tried

We gazed in Awe at her gracious growth without fears.

Flipping through the pages to find a Name

Accommodating all advises purely to lay a claim

Suggestions, apparitions, traditions doesn’t seem to suffice

To name a Dame, Fan a Flame and Kick start the “Game”

‘Till a flash of Inspiration help broke the Ice.

Can’t even start to imagine her first Backpack

And words won’t suffice to describe her first makeup kit

Holding hands, a giggling heart and walk in the Park

I even blush a little at the thought of her first Kiss

Giving her heart out to a man, an adventure she loves and dread

Like every young woman she loves to be Held

The weight of Standard and responsibility dawns on her

That even at an early age she longs deep with care

For her man, her brothers, sisters and even her Bed

Stretched between two extremes of God and of Man

Overwhelming thoughts of obeying Him and also him

Two loves so strong, so true, pure and yet plain

Reconciled, Knitted together with a Delightsome End

Oh! Oh! …How Graceful is her walk

Her Elegance, Excellence and Graces in Her Talk

Thin Films of Sublime beauty synopsizes her work

Privileged to have a firsthand experience of her Goals

As they’re intertwined with her Beautiful Soul

Your Silence Speaks Loud and Clear

Your Breathing Covers Far and Near

Your Intercessions Silences all our Fears

Many Happy Returns of all Living Years